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2015 UK National Smoking Cessation Conference

Tobacco Watch report on FCTC Article 14

Tobacco Watch report on FCTC Article 14 Comprehensive support for smoking cessation is a relatively low priority for most Parties to the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, according to the findings of a 2012 Tobacco Watch report that focuses on FCTC Article 14.
Most Parties surveyed in the FCA report said they prioritised other articles that promoted cessation attempts or that created demand for cessation support. However, the report says there are quick and affordable actions Parties can take to improve access to tobacco cessation support.
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Medications to help people to stop smoking: an overview of reviews

Medications to help people to stop smoking: an overview of reviews The Cochrane Tobacco Group has just published an overview of the reviews of pharmacotherapies for the treatment of tobacco dependence. This will saves you looking through a series of different reviews, and it also includes a network meta-analysis. The group is also working to create podcasts of a summary in various languages.

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How Recent Quitting History Affects Future Cessation Outcomes

How Recent Quitting History Affects Future Cessation Outcomes Most smokers have a history of unsuccessful quit attempts. This study used data from 7 waves (2002–2009) of the ITC 4-country cohort study. The likelihood of a future quit attempt increased independently with recency and number of prior attempts. But the likelihood of achieving sustained abstinence of at least 6 months was reduced for smokers with a failed quit attempt within the last year. There appears to be a subset of smokers who repeatedly attempt but fail to remain abstinent from tobacco. Alternatively, trying to quit too soon after a failed quit attempt may be underming self-confidence. Understanding why repeated attempts might be less successful in the long term is an important research priority.

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Combining behavioural support and medications increases chances of quitting smoking by 70-100%

Combining behavioural support and medications increases chances of quitting smoking by 70-100% Based on 40 studies which compare combinations of behavioural support and medications with groups receiving usual care or less behavioural support, the Cochrane review concludes that combined pharmacotherapy and behavioural support significantly increases smoking cessation.

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Ask The Experts: What is cytisine?
available in
Español: ¿Qué es la Citisina?
Français: La cytisine

Nicotine and Tobacco - 4-day course
current issues, policy and practice
11-14 May 2015
Stirling Court Hotel, University of Stirling, UK
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ASH Briefing on e-cigarettes (updated)
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John Hughes : An updated algorithm
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Systematic biases underestimate the effectiveness of stop smoking medications
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