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Areas for further research

  • Safety of nicotine and other medications to aid smoking cessation in pregnant smokers, including impact on the health and development of newborns of mothers who received medication during pregnancy.
  • Preclinical and clinical studies on the role of nicotine vs other toxicants in the onset of SIDS.
  • Safety of bupropion in high risk groups (pregnancy, alcohol abuse, history of stroke or other brain injury).
  • Safety of varenicline in high risk groups (psychiatric disease, cardiovascular disease, alcohol and drug abuse, pregnancy).
  • Safety of nicotine and other medications to aid smoking cessation in adolescents.
  • Beneficial and harmful health effects of novel nicotine delivery devices, including their potential for use to initiate smoking (in adolescents), to increase overall nicotine intake via concurrent use with cigarettes, and potential adverse effects on smoking cessation (i.e. switching instead of quitting).
  • Development of biomarkers of exposure and surrogate markers of health effects of tobacco and nicotine products.
  • Safety of long term nicotine replacement or other medication as would be used to reduce cigarette smoking or maintain tobacco abstinence.
  • Safety and efficacy of oral tobacco products (e.g. snus) for smoking cessation, for harm reduction or for withdrawal relief during temporary abstinence.
  • Does use of novel tobacco products or oral tobacco products for non-cessation reasons undermine motivation to quit?
  • More rigorous studies of the association of varenicline with psychiatric disorders, including prospective studies.
  • Better epidemiological studies of  the association of smoking reduction and reduced risk of smoking. logo
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